Zecharia Sitchin’s Expedition to Turkey - PART 2

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This is PART TWO of a four-part Earth Chronicles Expedition to Turkey.

In this video the Sitchin group visits incredible ancient sites including Alaca Höyük, a Hittite fortress with its Sphinx Gate and intriguing walls. Next, it’s on to see Yazilikaya, a unique Hittite rock shrine where the ancient gods were carved in processional order.

The group ends up in Hattusas, the capital of the ancient Hittites, a warrior people known only from the Bible until confirmed by archaeologists at the turn of the century. As they explore the region, they visit a few of the gates from the Upper City including the fortified walls and entrance of both the Lions Gates and Kings Gates. As the trip unfolds, their next stop is to the highest point of the city to see an impressive, fortified structure known as Yerkapi. Here, they get walk through an ancient Hittite tunnel within the ancient city walls.

Next up is a look at The Citadel Royal Archives and then on to visit the Great Temple site with stones akin to stones found in South America. Zecharia Sitchin talks about a unique big green stone that was originally located nearby in the sacred part of the temple, the Holy of Holies!

(about 1 hr.)

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